Charlie Stross has just saved me the trouble of writing another Brexit screed. He makes a lot of sense. Go read it.

I am so tired of talking to people in the UK who wilfully refuse to believe the coming shit storm*, who insist, “Oh, the government would never let that happen to us!” They are mostly white, middle-class, nondisabled straight Christians; they won’t be first against the wall. They are the people who voted Leave. They’re used to being Us, not Them. (Those of us who have been Them all our lives are much less sanguine.) Even so, if I were them I’d be stockpiling food, meds, and fuel. If I had room for stockpiled fuel, I’d buy a generator. I’d cancel plans for travel anytime after February 2019. And I’d be very, very glad that, when the unrest comes, there aren’t more guns in the hands of UK citizens.

For those in North America and Europe (and every other continent for that matter), remember that the more complex and intertwined a system becomes, the easier it is to break. And civilisation is extraordinarily complex. Short term, what happens here after Brexit will be nothing like the UK. Long term? You might want to start looking at your supplies.

* Just eight months to go…