Today in Electric Literature I talk about five women who shaped my writing. They are part of my writing motherline. The rules were that I had to choose just 5; I could just as easily have chosen 25.

Too few writers, in any form or genre, talk about the women who shaped them. This distorts the history and shape of real influence. As part of the piece I say,

If you want to understand the shape of 21st-century science fiction, read Charnas, and Vonda McIntyre’s Dreamsnake (1978). They are the mothers of us all.

And I believe this is true. I believe that without Charnas and McIntyre and Russ and Tiptree, today’s SF would look very different (I doubt cyberpunk would have been born, for example). But too few of us acknowledge our debt. At some point soon I’ll talk more about that. But for now, go read Electric Lit’s Read More Women series.

5 Great Books by Women, Recommended by Nicola Griffith