31 one years ago today I met Kelley at the Clarion workshop at Michigan State University, East Lansing. It was a miserably hot Sunday. I had no food (a vegetarian allergic to cheese in the midwest in 1988). I had no beer (an English person on a dry campus in a town that’s dry on Sundays). I was surrounded by aliens (a dyke on what felt like the straightest, whitest campus on the planet). Then Kelley showed up and everything was magically…fine. Better than fine. And in the thirty years since, things just keep getting better.

Last year I put together a love story in photos: pictures of us in different cities at different times and in different phases of our lives together. So if you want to see a picture with both of us in the same frame, go take a look—because I still don’t have any recent pics of us. (When we’re together tend to forget about other people, and photos.) But here’s one of Kelley taken in March, at work.

Kelley, Seattle, WA.

And here’s one of me in a UK bar doing a classic Griffith family thing: mixing beer and babies—in this case, my great nephew who’s just been handed to me by his dad. Kelley was there, too, just not in the picture.

Nicola and great nephew, Leeds, UK.

Check back here next year and maybe I’ll have a picture by then.