Image description: Composite image of two book covers of So Lucky: A Novel, by Nicola Griffith. On the left, the UK edition. On a black background, a burning torch flames in orange and yellow up and across at least half the image. At the top, in between the flames are quotes from the Independent ‘a short, fast-paced whirlwind of a novel’ and BBC Culture‘a sophisticated thriller’. Below is the title, So Lucky in salmon-coloured type, and the author’s name, Nicola Griffith, in white. On the right, the US edition. The background is matte black with the title “So Lucky,” and the author’s name “Nicola Griffith,” in big uppercase type rendered as burning paper. In smaller, brighter letters between title and author is, “A novel,” and, below the writer’s name, “Author of Hild”

So Lucky is a finalist for a Washington State Book Award in Fiction. I’m in great company, including Katrina Carrasco’s The Best Bad Things, which I’ve talked about before:

The other categories (memoir, poetry, YA, etc.) are also strong this year. So take a look and put them on your TBR list. Many thanks to the hard-working judges for providing us with such useful lists.

Winners will be announced in October at Seattle Public Library’s Central Library downtown, Saturday Oct 12, at 7pm. It’s free and open to the public. If you’re interested in meeting the writers (and judges) why not come watch? The last time I went to one of these bashes there was great food, plenty of wine, and live music. Plus all the conversation about books you could possibly want. And do come introduce yourself. I love to meet readers.