In which I read the first 3 minutes of my new (my first!) fantasy, Spear

If it weren’t for this pandemic, next week I’d be in Florida for the 42nd annual International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. Instead, I’ve uploaded a two-part reading from Spear—a little bit from the beginning and a longer scene from the middle of the book in which Peretur, with her stolen and mended armour, bony gelding, and broken sword, faces the Red Knight.

Those who have registered for the conference will be able to see the whole thing, already recorded and uploaded, plus the live Q&A on Saturday at 3pm Eastern hosted by E. Lily Yu and featuring me and fellow readers Karen Joy Fowler, Molly Tanzer, and Rachel Steiger-Meister.

Come and ask questions! I’m dying to talk about this book…