Over on Gemæcce I’ve just posted about making my own Hild art—for fun, really, but also perhaps to illustrate maps or make a colouring book or create a calendar. I’m asking for suggestions: what would you like to see? Please leave comments either here or gemæcce.com.

Meanwhile, here’s Cait Sith, adapted from a photograph of a Eurasian lynx by Bernard Landgraf (Wikimedia Commons). Cait Sith is one of the personas Hild acquires in Menewood—when she’s north of the Wall with a small band of terrifying gesiths who becomes known as her Fiercesomes (sic).

Black and white sketch of the head and shoulders of a big Iberian lynx with tufted ears, facing towards the viewer
Cait Sith — a lynx (adapted from a Wikimedia Commons photo by Bernard Landgraf)

Tell me what you want to see!