Lesbian Visibility Day began in the UK. This photo of me and Carol was taken at the first UK Lesbian Conference, April 1981, almost exactly 40 years ago. It’s now part of the Visible Girls series, Corbin’s photos of ’80s women’s subcultures.

It seemed like a good day to repost it.

Two young women standing in close contact in front of a mica-flecked black wall. It's clear they are lovers. Both are wearing school ties, pale shirts, and jeans. Both only wear one earring each in the right ear. Carol, on the left, has short dark hair and a green, surplus army jacket. Nicola, on the right, has short fair hair, glasses, and a school blazer; she is wearing a double women's-sign pin as a tie clip. Their pupils are very slightly dilated.
Carol and Nicola in the Tabernacle, April 1981. Photo by Anita Corbin.