Yesterday Kelley and I went out for a beer and talked to other human beings! My first pint of Guinness for 16 months AND IT WAS AWESOME!!

Foreground entirely taken by pint of Guinness on a beer mat. Background: a sunlit city street.
The first pint in 16 months…

And coming tomorrow, right here, the cover reveal for Spear. THAT TOO IS AWESOME!

Graphic iwth black background. White text at top: The author of Hild returns, tis time to King Arthur's court where her heroine Peretur navigates her calling as a knight magical threat, ad a romance with the sorceress Nimuë. In the centre, in large white letters Spear. Below that in persimmon coloured letters, Nicola Griffith. Below that, in white letters superimposed on a white and persimmon coloured image of a guard house gate, Cover reveal tomorrow.
Coming tomorrow…

So, all in all, this week? Pretty fucking great so far.