I took this photo of Kelley in her home office in November, 2020. George helped.

Image description: Colour photo of a woman and tabby cat sitting in front of a wall of books. She has long hair, bleached to silver, tinted with turquoise, and is wearing glasses and a simple, single stone opal pendant that matches her hair. She is looking at the camera, laughing, gesturing with her hands—she wears two wedding rings on the ring finger of her left hand—and seems delighted with the world and the cat, who is licking her right hand.

33 years ago today I met Kelley. It was a wicked hot day—just as today (and tomorrow, and Monday) will be—and we were young, 27. I’ve told this story many times before and so won’t rehash it here; feel free to go look at 30 years: a love story in photos, or read an excerpt from my memoir about the moment we met.

I know that my 27 year-old self was real (and in fact at the time Kelley and I met I considered myself a mature adult with vast life experience) but I sometimes have a hard time believing I ever had a life without Kelley in it.

She’s an amazing woman. I love her. I’ve loved her since the moment we met (though of course she didn’t believe me for a while). We’ve married twice: the first time in 1993, long before it was legal, the second time on the 20th anniversary of our first wedding, when we could legally call each other Wife. I’ll love her til the day I die, which frankly I hope is not for at least another 33 years.

Please have a most marvellous weekend—we certainly plan to—and raise a glass to love, of all and every kind.