We’ve now had the pleasure and privilege of living with kittens Charlie and George for two years. They’ve given us delight, terror, irritation and, again—and mostly—delight. We brought them home on 10 August 2019. They were about 12 weeks ago. They were small for their age: the only survivors of a litter of six, rescued and brought back from the brink (at one point Charlie weighed just one pound) by the heroic efforts of Seattle Area Feline Rescue and, particularly, their foster parent, Cody. Now they are happy and healthy and utterly in charge of their world. Here are a few pictures of their journey.

12 August, 2019: George (left) and Charlie meet the sofa for the first time—

—but it doesn’t take them long to become lords of the sofa, just indefatigable. Here they are, exactly one week later, running round and round and round. At this stage they have not yet discovered the joys of scratching the sofa to pieces.

A month later: a bouquet of sleeping kittens. Now all they do is eat and sleep.
But it doesn’t take long for them to begin adolescence—Charlie sort of dreamy and George frowny
And now they are fully adult, kings of their world (and ours)—both a little grumpy here in this June photo because it was 108 degrees and we wouldn’t let them outside

So today, two years and four days after meeting two tiny kittens for the first time, we’re all having a Happy Çaturday. We look forward to hundreds more with these fine beasties.

If you want more pictures and videos—a lot more—take a look at two years’ worth of Kitten Reports. And meanwhile, enjoy your Çaturday.