From Shelf Awareness, Spear is the Galley Love Of the Week:

Nicola Griffith (Hild) draws on legend, myth and history to create Spear, a Camelot-inspired novella centered around tales of Peretur (also known as Percival), one of the legendary knights of the Round Table. Lydia Zoells, assistant editor at MCD (like Tordotcom, an imprint of Macmillan), describes the book as a “mythical retelling, or even historical fiction, [that] emphatically rejects the myth of a monolithically straight white able-bodied medieval Wales.” Told in what Zoells calls “rhythmic and rippling prose,” Spear is an atmospheric and lyrical tale steeped in rich historical detail. Griffith breathes vibrant and dazzling life into a stunning new take on Arthurian legend, encompassing queerness, magic, love, reputation, battle and legacy.

— Kerry McHugh, ShelfAwareness

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