OtherLife, the film Kelley wrote based on her novel, Solitaire, has moved from Netflix and is now available on Prime Video.

Turning a long, speculative “stylistic and psychological tour de force” (New York Times) novel into just over 90 minutes of sleek, luscious-looking sci-fi thriller, all on a low budget, was a rollercoaster ride: sometimes wildly exciting, sometimes grindingly hard, but never, ever boring. But that’s Kelley’s story to tell and happily she’s done that in a fascinating series of journal entries about the 11-year journey from book to screen. You’ll find it an eye-opening read. It was not always a smooth ride and the only reason that f illm ever got made was through the sheer force of Kelley’s will. I’ve never been more proud of her—and I’m proud of her a lot.

In the US, you watch the film here: https://www.amazon.com/Otherlife-Jessica-Gouw/dp/B091FXHR8T

In the UK, here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/OtherLife-Jessica-Gouw/dp/B077VTKPQS

And to help you make up your mind you can watch the trailer on YouTube: