For booksellers, librarians, producers, reviewers and other book professionals, Spear is now available for request on NetGalley.

The digital galley doesn’t have the gorgeous interior illustrations by Rovina Cai, and the long, historically-focused Author’s Note is not left-justified1 but otherwise it’s a faithful reproduction of what you’ll read in the finished hardcover and ebook (or hear in the audiobook).

Image description: A composite image with, on the left, painted in muted colours—ice blue, umber, fawn—a figure half kneeling in a river leaning her weight on something submerged, perhaps another figure, with her sword. And on the right, the cover of a novel, Spear, by Nicola Griffith, also in muted colours, this time white, dark blue, bronze, charcoal, and ember-red.

The book won’t be out until April 19 next year, but requests are beginning to roll in for appearances, real and virtual. If you want me at your store/conference/school next year, now’s the time to get in touch with my publicist at Tor, Alexis Saarela. I have no idea where the world will be, pandemic-wise, but I have my fingers crossed for some live and in-person events.

Meanwhile I’m turning my attention to a couple of juicy essays I’ve been meaning to write for a year or two, and some blog posts of varying heft about all the things I learnt, and/or discarded, and/or think I might use in some future Peretur tale. So tell me what you’re curious about and I’ll see what I can do.

[1] It’s centre-justified, so it looks as though it should be written on a scroll, and read like a municipal proclamation: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Whereas on this twenty-seventh day of October, in the two-thousandth-and-twenty-first year of this Common Era, the Author did herein note