Image description: A 3-D representation of a book, ‘Spear by Nicola Griffith.’ Above, lettered in black, ‘Coming 4.19.22…’ The background of the book cover is charcoal, shading to black at the bottom, with the author’s name at the top in orange-red and the title, at the bottom, and ‘from the author Hild’ in white. The main image is of a great hanging bowl of black iron with inlaid figures and great bronze escutcheons for the hanging hooks. It is wreathed about by smoke and flame and fumes, and the fumes form images: in white, woods with a woman and a stone and a sword; about the trees, shading to orange, is an figure with a spear on a horse; a fort gate and box palisade, and over all, flying up in the smoke towards the author’s name, two birds.

If you pre-order Spear from Phinney Books as a holiday gift (for yourself, for some other lucky person, for everyone you know), I will sign and personalise it/them for you when it arrives at the shop in April. For the first ten pre-order customers I’ll also include a specially-designed postcard with a hand-written message from me. All books (including those with the cards) will ship directly to you on publication.

Preorder from Phinney Books

To whet your appetite, here’s an eight-minute audio snippet of me reading from the beginning.

Audio clip of first 8 mins of Spear

You can read lots more about the book, including reviews, on the Spear book page.