In November I did a two-ply interview with Gareth Jelley for Intermultiversal. There’s a forty-eight minute podcast, in which we talk about Spear, rhythmic hypnogogic writing (“Give me an army of eight-year old girls, and I will take over the world…”), why I love reading my reviews—what I learn from them—Angela Carter, and many other things. That’s available to listen to right now:

It’s the first time I’ve talked about Spear live—and so I don’t have the sound-bites down yet. (Not even close!) Enjoy hearing me sort of stumped for a bit, talking first about the rhythm of the prose, then a corpus analysis of the reviews, then the magic, the atmosphere and, finally, the story—wrapping up the tales of Parsifal, Merlin-Nimuë, Arthur-Lancelot-Guinevere, and the Grail Quest, all in 45,000 words—and what a rush it was to write.

Coming soon will be the long, written version of the interview. And when I say long I mean about 5,000 words. A meaty and wide-ranging conversation with many Deep Thinks about the right metaphors to use for the writing process, how and why I use genre, and why and what I do and don’t like about various other Arthurian retellings.

When it goes up on I’ll link to it. Meanwhile, enjoy the audio.