Kelley and I will be at ICFA this week (March 16—20) to launch pre-publication jollity for Spear. Between us we have a handful of public events:

  • Thursday, 8:00—9:00 pm, Poolside bar. Spear book party. There’ll be a mini book party on Thursday evening by the pool, where I’ll sign books that attendees received in the swag bags, hang out, and drink. It lasts just an hour because I want to attend Nisi Shawl’s Guest of Honour reading at 9:15 pm.
  • Friday, 8:30—10:00 am, Vista A. Reading from Spear. I’ll be reading one of the most exciting scenes from the book at a group event with fellow authors Robert V.S. Redick, J.R. Dawson, and Matthew Sanborn Smith; hosted by Rick Wilbur.
  • Friday, 10:00—10:30 am, book room. Signing. Immediately following the reading, I’ll be in the book room for half an hour to sign anything that didn’t get signed the night before.
  • Friday 4:14 – 5:45 pm, Vista A. Kelley reading. If you’ve never heard Kelley read. you’re in for a treat. Not only is she the best SFF short story writer I know, she’s a great performer. Again, she’ll be reading with a group of writers: Will Ludwigsen F.Brett Cox, and Tenea D.Johnson; hosted by Matthew Sanborn Smith. I’ll be there, too, of course. (Kelley’s readings really are not to be missed.)
  • Friday, 5:45—6:15pm, book room. Immediately following her reading, Kelley will be signing for half an hour and I, of course, will also be there.

Before, during, and after these scheduled events, both Kelley and I can be found at panels and readings and lunches—we hope to make all the Guest of Honour events, because we both know and like Nisi Shawl (Creative GoH) and Farah Mendlesohn (Scholar GoH)—and by the pool with a drink, and in the indoor bar, also with a drink, just enjoying the amazingness that is talking, drinking, and eating with people we know, and perhaps a few we’ll meet for the first time.

If you’re going to be there, please come say hello!