Thursday I started a competition OPEN TO ANYONE IN THE WORLD AND NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! The winner gets 3 prizes in one:

  • A signed, personalised first edition first printing of Spear
  • A luscious enamel pin specially designed by Forensics & Flowers
  • A digital download of the audiobook, narrated by moi

So basically this, plus the audiobook:

Image description: Two photos of the novel, ‘Spear by Nicola Griffith.’ On the left, the closed book showing the magnificent cover. The background is charcoal, shading to black at the bottom, with the author’s name at the top in orange-red and the title, at the bottom, and ‘from the author Hild’ in white. The main image is of a great hanging bowl of black iron with inlaid figures and great bronze escutcheons for the hanging hooks. It is wreathed about by smoke and flame and fumes, and the fumes form images: in white, woods with a woman and a stone and a sword; about the trees, shading to orange, is an figure with a spear on a horse; a fort gate and box palisade, and over all, flying up in the smoke towards the author’s name, two birds. Just below the author’s name is a quote from Maria Dahvana Headley, “Spectacular…I’ve been waiting years for this book to exist.” On top of the book is a round enamel pin in the shape of a red shield with raised rim and embossed rivets. On the shield are entwined forget-me-nots, with blue-and-yellow flowers and deep green leaves. Lying over all is a broad-bladed boar spear. On the right, the book is open to the title page, showing the lovely textured paper—again, topped by the enamel pin.

Read the first post, One adjective to rule them all, for how to enter. Please leave a comment on that post, not this, so I can keep track. To facilitate that, I’m turning off comments here.

Here’s today’s clue, taken from Nerdist’s April Is Here To Shower You With Good Books

Image description: square graphic in grey-blue showing silhouette of a woman on a horse surrounded by wind or smoke. Printed in white, “A magical fantasy, Spear feels both entirely familiar and vibrantly new” and below, in orange-red, “Rosie Knight, Nerdist.”