When Hild came out, readers began to send me pictures of their pets variously disapproving, disdaining, destroying, dozing on or delighting in the book. Before Spear came out I made a few graphics of the ARCs with various beasts—T. rex, a horse, a hedgehog, a leopard—and now, five days after publication, others are continuing that noble tradition. So far we have a beagle, a parrot, butterflies, and several cats. But there’s always room for more!

So send me a picture of your beast/s—real or creative (I have a picture somewhere of the Hild hardcover surmounted by a crocheted tardigrade)—and I’ll retweet or repost or add to this post (which I’ll turn into a page).

Happy Sunday, and happy reading to you and your furry, finned, feathered, fiendish, and fluttery friends.

Algernon, always coordinated and fashion-forward — Angelique Corthals
@readingbeagle Instagram
Solomon, who fortunately doesn’t have to choose — @yetanotherkelly Instagram
Romper Stomper, monstrously possessive
@bookish_black_hole Instagram
Stella, star of the show — Lydia Zoells
Bony, being patient
Charlie — who does not like to share his (cough) wheelchair
Marketing moggies of Tordotcom
Hedgepig, heading for safety
Kitty, like Romper Stomper, does not like to share