Twitter will be taking away blue-check verification from those, like me, who won’t pay $8 a month for what will become a useless tool.

This post exists to

  • verify that, yes, I’m who I say I am
  • list where else you can find me online

So, hello! This is me, Nicola Griffith, writer and queer crip (see About for more). Here’s where you can find me:

  • My blog and website—where you are now, reading this. Starting in 1995 I began Ask Nicola, a subsite of a website run by friend Dave Slusher. In 2001 I launched, and in 2008 started a blog, also Ask Nicola. In 2014 I consolidated everything into this site. I post whenever I feel like it—sometimes often, sometimes rarely. Take a look at the Top 15 posts of the last year and you’ll get a sense of my range of interests. If you like what you see, sign up to get new posts sent directly to your inbox.
  • Twitter—the place I’m most likely to see what other people say and interact online. I mostly work through curated lists of early medieval history, disability, life sciences, and books. Over the last few years I’ve become less politically engaged.
  • Facebook—both a personal profile and an official page, though my page is sadly neglected (right now it mirrors posts from my research blog,
  • Research, which I started in 2008 to have a place to put ruminations on the research I do for my sequence of novels about the seventh-century figure, Hild of Whitby. This goes through phases. I can go a year with no post, then when a book approaches publication, or when I’m in the initial, intense phase of research for a new book, post in a hurry and flurry.
  • Instagram—where I post pictures of books, and drinks, and cats, and Kelley on an irregular schedule.
  • YouTube—where I’ve posted a miscellany of videos, mostly to Blow Shit Up!, my playlist of FX vids, and Readings, which is, well, me reading from and talking about my books. There are also a few music videos—of Janes Plane, the band I fronted in the Long Ago.
  • LinkedIn—which just mirrors my blog.
  • Tumblr—ditto.
  • Muckrack—where I sometimes remember to add portfolio links to Op-Eds, newspaper reviews, and essays I’ve written.
  • Author pages on Amazon and Goodreads—but I rarely do anything with them.
  • I also have placeholder accounts on Mastodon, Spoutible, TikTok, Post, Medium and many others—whenever a new thing comes along I sign up, just in case, but rarely bother to establish any kind of presence there. As and when that changes I’ll link the accounts.