Kelley and I will be in Anaheim from 12-15 May attending SFWA’s Nebula Awards weekend. I’ll be doing one panel and one book signing, both on Saturday. And of course I’ll be at the awards banquet on Sunday, and any and all of the receptions and parties. And when I’m not at those, I’ll probably be in the bar. So please do come and say hello! I haven’t been to an in-person Nebula weekend for nine years so I might not know your face but I’ve probably read your stuff and I’ll definitely want to meet you—so come and say hello!

About the book signing. The books will be supplied by Octavia’s Bookshelf in Pasadena. I’ll sign whatever you bring—tatty old paperback or glossy new hardcover. Octavia’s presence is being billed as a ‘Pop-Up Bookstore’ so I’m guessing their inventory will have to be pretty focused. Which might mean they’ll be bringing mostly recent and/or best-known books—but that’s just a guess, so if you want to buy a relatively obscure book of mine and get it signed you might want to check with Octavia’s beforehand that what you want will be available.

Autographing Session
— Sat 10:00 – 10:30 am
— Anaheim, signing table A

Career Metamorphosis: Shifting or Expanding Genre, Formats, or Focus as a Writer
— Sat 4:30 – 5:30 pm
— Anaheim in-person and streamed
— Walt Boyes, Sarah Branson, Erin Roberts, Nicola Griffith
“Writers who have successfully changed or added to their original areas of focus (e.g., going from novels to short stories or vice versa; going from writing for kids/YA to adult or vice versa) discuss their experiences and challenges and offer advice for other writers looking to transform or expand their own writing endeavors.”

I’ve no idea what I’ll talk about—hey, that’s what moderators are for—but I’ve made a lot of gear changes over the last few years—in terms of fantastical genre and not, series vs standalone, and short books and monster books. But also there are more nebulous things like being positioned differently by different publishing imprints, the perils of publishing a three-book series with three different publishers, and even more subtle choices like whether to make the Othering of a protagonist overt and explicit or simply Norm that Other. Hopefully it will be an interesting conversation.