This page is about #CripLit, the Twitter chat. If you’re looking for a list of disability fiction, please see Fiction that passes the Fries Test.

#CripLit is a 60-75 min Twitter chat for and about disabled writers. It is co-hosted by me (@nicolaz) and Alice Wong (@DisVisibility) with different guest hosts. Immediately after the chat Alice archives the chats on Wakelet. Alice and I formulate the questions and post them 7-10 days in advance on various social media, including our blogs. One way to stay informed is to sign up for my posts to be delivered to your email inbox.

Although we say #CripLit is for writers, in practice the community also encompasses academics, editors, librarians and others interested in disability representation in published form (including but not limited to fiction, poetry, graphic novels, scripts, reportage, and creative non-fiction). And of course we’re all readers and/or listeners. Those who are looking for reading suggestions might start by combing through recommendations by chat participants:

  1. Disabled Writers and Characters
  2. Ableism and Publishing 
  3. Intersectionality
  4. Resistance Through Writing
  5. Editor Roundtable
  6. Futurism
  7. YA/KidLit
  8. Accessibility and Online Publishing: Crips in Space
  9. Writing Disability: The experience of writing from/about being disabled
  10. Writing Workshop Accessibility: Staff and Faculty Roundtable
  11. New Fiction by Disabled Writers
  12. New Nonfiction by Disabled Writers
  13. Resistance and Hope
  14. Mental Health and Writing
  15. New YA and MG Fiction

#CripLit is constantly evolving. For the future we are planning a chat designed for the wider international community, one about disabled characters in series (book, film and TV), and a focused look at workshops and/or conventions for disabled writers. We would love to hear from you with suggestions for future topics and/or guest hosts. Tweet @nicolaz or @DisVisibility, or email me via this site’s contact form.