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The Fries Test for fiction asks:

Does a work have more than one disabled character? Do the disabled characters have their own narrative purpose other than the education and profit of a nondisabled character? Is the character’s disability not eradicated either by curing or killing?

It’s a low bar, but even so I’m putting together a list of book-length fictional works written for adults with a disabled main character and at least one other significant disabled character. Any genre. Please add your suggestions below.

Remember, to be eligible for the list a book requires the following:

  • fiction
  • for adult readers
  • more than one disabled character
  • neither character dies or is cured
  • neither character’s narrative function is the education or profit of a nondisabled character

I will maintain the list. As time permits I’ll add very brief descriptions of each book or series.

I am not necessarily recommending these books, because I haven’t read them all. For that reason, if you think a book doesn’t qualify for this list please let me know by leaving an explanatory comment.

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